• Air route over cloud



    An aie route that will take you to freedom, Wander in the clouds with a freewheeling mind, to ascend into the troposphere against gravity pull. Let the heart roam. And feel the vast universe, the golden sierra and azure oceans beneath. Linger amidst clouds. Behold the splashy tints blend into the wide blue yonder.

  • The Wandering Glacier



    Carrying on our ethos, TRICKCOO blazes a trail this season into the wandering glacier. In the perilous and mystical polar region falls the solemn glacier that towers cold and vigorous, with melting ice water flowing soft and elusive. The vast expanse of the glacier, ocean and sky and the crisp chilly air compose an astounding and breathtaking scenery that are beyond words. Wandering, is a journey that sees no end.

  • Rainforest



    To infuse our urban style with feral nature, TRICKCOO advances into the adventurers’ wonderland. In this divine place, everywhere are darlings to rainforest such as ravenalae, or traveller’s trees, ficus pandurata leaves and rafflesias. There, explorers are greeted by the enchanting scene of constant change of water, light and temperature, and brim with excitement.