• Stylish construction

    The products are meticulously constructed with a focus on the combination of functionality and sense of style, to empower the wearers to enjoy their outdoor activities and stay in vogue in urban life.


    Teflon finishing technique

    TRICKCOO fabric is weaved with high quality yarn that is soft in touch and durable. To free the explorers of unnecessary hassles during their journey and allow them to have more true joy of the journey, the fabric is coated with a technical membrane and Teflon finishing is used to make the fabric rainproof, oilproof and stain-resistant.

    Fabric functionality

    TRICKCOO sources and develops fabric with a wide range of practical properties for different products. Rainproof, dustproof, windproof, breathable, cooling, anti-UV, heat retention, anti-bacteria, flame-retardant, to list just a few.


    Technology is core

    We proudly employ special innovative technologies to sensibly suit more wearing purposes and provide better wearing experience. These smart technologies include built-in LED, temperature control, massage, glow-in-the-dark function, temperature adjustment, positioning.

    Graphene Thermal

    Goose Down Jacket

    Dubbed as the most promising nanomaterial of the 21st century, graphene has unique combination of plenty of amazing properties. It is one of the strongest yet thinnest materials. While it is a great conductor of electricity, it also conducts heat better than all other materials. It is optically transparent, but dense enough to be impermeable to gases.


    By virtue of graphene far-infrared thermal technology, thermal pads are built into the TRICKCOO Graphene Thermal Down Jacket with the application of nanofiber spinning and high-precision weaving technology. The effective pads, which have a high thermal energy conversion rate, are placed in the area of back of waist and back of shoulder and snug to the body. A power bank can be used to supply power to heat up. These pads not only warm the body but also stimulate blood circulation, another nod to the Chinese spirit of boosting health. With the temperature control switch, the temperature can be elevated to 40°C - 45°C, 30°C - 40°C, or 20°C - 30°C in just one minute.

    The jacket is filled with 90% premium quality white goose down, with a weight of 180g and fill power of 750. Such jacket has a great loft and is super stretchy and compressible. The superior fabric also blocks wind chill which can disturb the body comfort and enables body sweats to go out.

    Colour Change with UV/Temperature


    To infuse life with more joy, TRICKCOO introduces a colour-changing fabric coated with a special membrane. The fabric will change its colour when getting into contact with UV rays and such change is reversible – an ingenious design that offers more styling choices.

    More fun is also a TRICKCOO fabric that changes its colour in the temperature range of 20°C - 30°C. The colour turns lighter when temperature increases, and such change is reversible. The change can be realised in normal wearing condition when there is heat from body temperature.

    Smart Track Top

    Apart from the major properties of the track top that significantly enhance activity performance, another impressive technology designed to allow the wearer to enjoy the outdoors more is a detachable Bluetooth performance tracking device on the cuff. The device provides a real-time track of physical condition, energy expenditure, activity record, call alert, sleep monitoring, etc. The device is right on the wrist area and the wearer can raise the wrist to conveniently wake the screen. When connected to Bluetooth, the APP on the phone shows performance statistics in real time. The tracking device screen displays time by default and, with touch, shows heart rate, activity distance, energy expenditure, etc. The device can be taken off and charged. The track top can be washed normally without the device.

    Urban Travel Down Gilet






    90% Goose Down


    Goose down jackets are the core product of TRICKCOO. 90% top quality white goose down is used in this outerwear to provide excellent loft, great comfort and amazing warmth.





  • Down of birds (usually geese and ducks) is a layer of fine leathers from the belly and is light and fluffy. It is one of the best insulators, has great loft (or fluffiness) and can interlock and overlap to create thousands of tiny air pockets that trap warmth and block chilly wind. Goose down has a superior thermal insulation and loft to those of duck down. While 80% duck down fill is common in the market, TRICKCOO is committed to manufacturing potent winterwear and uses 90% premium quality goose down sourced from selected suppliers. The higher the fill power is, the stronger the thermal insulation become. A normal fill power is in the range of 300- 500, and a fill power of 650 is the starting point of an outstanding standard.

    TRICKCOO down jackets are filled with premium quality white goose down and have great loft and compressibility. To provide the wearer with super thermal insulation and lightweight comfort, TRICKCOO selects a fill power of 750 and a down content of as high as 93%.

  • Our suppliers




    Original GORE-TEX products offer three core benefits: waterproof, windproof and breathable. The lightweight durable fabric membrane prevents rain and snow from getting in even in the heaviest storms. It also blocks all wind, and at the same time allows body sweats to escape





    Schoeller Textil AG specialises in the sustainable development and production of innovative textiles and technologies and is a world leader of its kind. Schoeller produces outdoor textiles and technologies that stand for the highest quality, sustainability, functionality, durability, modern design and feelgood comfort.



    3MTM ThinsulateTM is the original thin, light and warm synthetic insulation technology designed to make living life in every season more enjoyable and empowers the wearers to relish pure joy of the outdoors. It helps trap body heat and allows moisture to escape.